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PTC Mathcad for various disciplines

PTC Mathcad is an excellent tool for any course that uses mathematics. By adopting this solution you will gain a powerful teaching and learning tool. Above all this cost-effective platform is ideal for maths-based eLearning, distance learning, publishing, and technical communication. Read below to learn more about how it can be used in:

  • Engineering
  • Maths and Computer Science
  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Social Sciences

PTC Mathcad Prepares Tomorrow’s Engineers

PTC Mathcad is an intuitive tool for learning, teaching, and sharing engineering concepts. Firstly students learn it quickly, without having to use a complicated programming language. Meanwhile, extensive online resources demonstrate the best software practices for students and educators alike. Consider the following benefits:

  • PTC Mathcad is prevalent in the engineering workplace.
  • Learning PTC Mathcad prepares students with marketable skills for industry.
  • Students learn timely methodologies that can be understood immediately in PTC Mathcad.
  • Moreover, using PTC Mathcad helps students develop good habits for thinking about and articulating engineering processes.

Maths and Computer Science Education

PTC Mathcad presents mathematics as it is written in textbooks, in lectures, and on paper. Its WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to enter maths expressions, text, data, and graphs, leaving students to think about the problems at hand rather than confounding syntax. This solution allows students to tackle problems with multiple techniques — pattern building, visualisation, analysis, and modeling. PTC Mathcad is also ideal for introductory programming courses in which solid algorithm development, enabled by model building and visualisation, is a building block of future success in Computer Science.

Physical and Biological Sciences

Mathematics is an essential part of any study of science, however, many students struggle with the mathematics that would help them make progress in science courses. Thoughtfully developed worksheets allow students to explore science concepts and build mathematical models, without needing to learn programming. Through an appreciation of these models, students gain a better understanding of how models apply to actual scientific inquiry. Further, PTC Mathcad’s live document interface helps students develop effective lab reports that focus on concepts and not on hand-drawing techniques. This fosters better communication between instructors and students and prepares them to be future scientific communicators.

Economics and Business

In Economics and other business courses, the emphasis is on learning various models to analyse and depict trends. For example, some of these models may pose a significant mathematical hurdle to undergraduates, but well-constructed worksheets can help students explore the qualitative aspects of these models without needing to understand their complex mathematical underpinnings. Likewise, PTC Mathcad allows these students to visualise and use such models in order to make sense of them, while also providing the ability to fully express mathematical models for graduate students, researchers, and faculty. In addition, the live document interface allows instructors and students alike to capture calculations, graphs, and explanations in one transparent medium that expresses maths in real notation.

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